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How It Works:

1.)  Provide the required information of:
     -  Date of full day rental & address of setup
     -  School or Mascot Name


2.) If you would like to add an extra day, you may do so for an additional $35. If you would like to add an additional name, you may do so for an extra $25.

3.) Click "Rent Now". You will receive a confirmation from us the same day, confirming we have the day you requested available.


When Purchasing A Rental Through Yard Card Dudes,
You Agree To The Following Policy:

✔  Your rental is not confimed until you receive a confirmation email from us.

✔  This is a rental. Your display will be setup between the hours of 9pm-sunrise, starting the night before your full day rental. The display will be picked up within the window of 9pm-sunrise.

✔  Placement and arrangement of the display on the lawn is at the discrertion of Yard Card Dudes.

✔  Please do not remove/touch the yard cards. If you need them removed early, call us at (833) 386-2329  and we can do this. You are responsible if anyone moves, removes, and damages any part of the display ($20/per sign). We kindly as that the display not be touched.

✔ If the yard cards moved/repositioned due to the wind, call us at (833) 386-2329 and we will position them back.

✔   Please turn off sprinkler systems and postpone lawn services while the yard card is displayed.

✔  In the scenario that Yard Card Dudes need to cancel due to inclement weather, we will refund you 100%. It is up to Yard Card Dudes as to what weather will not allow for installation. If within 24 hours of the install, the predicted winds are going to exceed 20 mph, we will give you the option of having the full display staked low to the ground or provide you a refund.

✔ Cancellations by you within 48-72 hours will be refunded minus $50. No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of display date.

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$125.00 Regular Price
$119.00Sale Price
    Ranked #1 for the most unique
    Yard Cards in Chicagoland

    Rent very own personalized greeting today!
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